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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Animal Energies

Any love:  earth-love, spirit, the way of a hawk with the wind, a swan with a pond, grandparents with grandchildren, ant with a grain of corn, all the natural drawings-together lead eventually to annihilation.  This is the mystery of the animal energies.
At the core of each person's nature are unique seeds of desiring, which flourish through the development of personality, not through any suppression of it.  The animals of desiring, the rooster with lust, the duck of urgency, the horse of passion, the crow of acquiring things, the lion of majesty- are not to be thwarted, but lived, transmuted, and incorporated.  This is the art of forming a personality.  Only when we live the animal powers do we learn that those satisfactions are not what we truly wanted.  The purpose of desire is to perfect the longings, for at the core of longing is the Friend, Christ, Krishna, the emptiness, Buddha.  There is nothing to fear in the universe.  The great love at the center of longing has no fear in it.
There is a witness who watches the obstreperous play of flame and eros and says, This is the dance of existence.  A great mutual embrace is always happening between the eternal and what dies.  We are all writing the book of love.  We're here to love each other, to deepen and unfold that capacity, to open the heart.  And that means living in the witness.
Sex is basic and nourishing to human beings.  Lovemaking is going on everywhere in nature.  Rumi says, Remember, the way you make love is the way God will be with you.

"God lives between a human being and the object of his desire." (Discourse N0. 44)

Reference~Rumi the Book of Love