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Sunday, April 7, 2019

A Prayer: This Day Will Never Come Again

   How will you come to me Lord? How will I know you? How will I recognize you? I know you will come for me. You will slip into my being, perhaps in the middle of the night while I sleep. Maybe you will come to me when I’m not looking for you, when I’m distracted, staring into an oncoming storm fearing my immortality. Or maybe you will come to me in the midst of a lie that pours out of my mouth effortlessly. You will let me know you are listening as I listen to myself say something that is not true as easily as if I were giving the time of day. I tell myself that lies are insignificant that they don’t matter. How do I know what matters? What is insignificant? What if I’m being tested? Observed? Did you know I put my conscience to sleep years ago? Or maybe that’s how you will come to me. You will awaken my conscience like a sleeping dragon one day when I’m weakened by disease or fear or loneliness. And I will be forced to face the truth that I fear you, I fear truth.
    You are truth itself and I feel that power rumble like an earthquake through my being each time my eyes look into the eyes of another human being. One word of truth exchanged through the eyes of another is enough to bond two human beings for eternity- the power of a sacred union. No wonder we fear truth. No wonder I fear you. How will you come to me Lord? You will come through truth. You will make me need you and I will come searching. You will make me shed my skin, my illusions, my weaknesses like boils ready to burst on my flesh. And then when I am broken, to weak to deceive even myself, there you will be, already resurrecting my soul. Somehow Lord I found this truth already lodged in my heart. You’ve already come for me.

Reference~ Thomas Merton