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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Love Letter To Me: You Have the Power to Inspire

dear me, i love the parts of you that no one else does. i love how you no longer want to keep those parts of you, that you thought were unlovable, hidden. you want to bring them to light. you want to transform them, water them, and see something new grow. your ability to nurture yourself proves that your heart is expanding. and i have to tell you that is amazing! after everything you’ve been through the past two years, you choose love over hate, laughter over sadness, hope over despair.

i know you will achieve great things because you never give up. you keep moving forward, getting back up when you're knocked down and persevere under the most stressful conditions. there is a superpower in you. there is a wonder in you. you believe in yourself when you feel no one else does. that's because, my dear, you know who you are. you know you're a starseed, a co-creator, an author of your own story, which by the way, you’re writing very well. so, keep on doing what you’re doing. keep on being a light onto others. keep on being you! love you!!