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Friday, March 31, 2017

A Visitor In My Own Life

Today I prayed.
Today I cried.
Today I asked God,
"Why do some things have to die?"

I sat to listen.
I sat to hear-
Words that spoke
Intimately in my ear.

Then I heard a voice-
A definite reply
That answered my question-
Why some things die.

The voice said:
"O Dear Child,
You were born down there-
But your soul was born up here.
Your time is short
On this earth.
Your time is precious
And much you must learn. 
So when you cry
And feel a lot of pain-
Remember your home
You'll return to someday.
Take care of those
I give to you.
Take care of those
who mistreat you.
I love them all,
I love them upright.
But remember Child,
You are a visitor in your own life."