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Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Butterfly Dream- The Golden Ratio

From Journal Entry 12/20/2015

In the dream I am looking at a drawing of a butterfly. It is in two parts. Under the drawing, there is a passage and it's spiritual meaning. It reads, "He may go out on me and cheat, lie, steal. But you remain and it is here I house my soul and my love grows." The two halves of a butterfly come together to form the perfect union- reuniting spirit. This beautiful union forms the perfect diamond. It is to remind us of God's love and our true home.


The butterfly symbolizes I am going through a spiritual transformation. By accepting the changes in my life, comprehending my psyche, and maintaining faith I will be able to break out of my cocoon.
The diamond represents wholeness of Self and clarity.

The fingerprint of God, occurs in nature over & over again.

Indian nations identify the butterfly with the concept of immortality. Because of their migratory patterns where they flock by the millions after traveling thousands of miles- coming home. This was intensely powerful to Native thought. A monarch's return home was translated to mean the soul's journey home. This encapsulates the divine journey in which man is born, moves through his world ever gleaming more insight into his true identity.