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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sapphire's Letter To Arion: Sapphire's Declaration

Dear Beloved,

Did not Rumi say, "When you take His signs to heart, you will devote your life to fulfilling that indication (of His will)?"
You've removed my burdens revealing your mysteries inside of me. You are a mere man, and I am a mere woman, but whom am I not to show my gratitude towards God?
He's given me eyes to see and free will to cleave to Him. Asleep was I, and the Beloved knocked, I opened the door and my heart I did entrust to Him.
Faith in God is all I have- it is my gold. Faith has turned my hell into heaven, my desert into a budding garden.
I am only a woman, whom woke up on this sleeping road. Only to find myself in the presence of the Beloved. Now I do declare, I am awake! 

Your Darling,