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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Little Red Wagon Hitched To A Star

A little girl born to dream
dreamed lovely, dreamy dreams
She galloped the Milky Way
on her black stallion
On the backs of eagles
she went flying

Dressing up the stars in glitter and gold
the little girl was courageous and bold
She battled dragons that guarded heaven
snakes and monsters and beasts-
with heads of seven

Her adventures didn't stop there
she  was seen in Leo's lair
Nothing scared her so it seemed
Aphrodite took notice with pride and gleemed

She trained the girl-
perfected her skills
Gave her a little red wagon
with her weapons to fill

In it she carried her sword of truth-
sharpened by warriors old and new
It also held her shield of purity-
it was the whitest white sculpted out of ivory
Her armor was made of gold-
it was more than any enemy could behold 

The little girl grew up into a woman-
ready to meet her King Solomon
With her little red wagon hitched to a star-
she vowed to find him and follow her heart

Prepared now to take on the unknown,
and all of life's mysteries-
She rode on the Milky Way
towards her dream, her destiny