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Friday, May 23, 2014

A Healthy Mind

Health is not of the body.  To be healthy is to have a healthy mind.  The mind of God created life.  God's mind is infinite yet unchanging.  Man identifies himself with the condition of his body.  The body is finite and cannot experience God.  Only the mind can be used to gain knowledge of God.  
This is how the Holy Spirit communicates. 

The ego sees a division in Creation. The ego tries desperately to protect it's existence.  It is in a constant state of fear.  It is fighting for it's survival. It fears death.  

God's creation is whole, created in His likeness. To see yourself deprived of His goodness in not clear seeing.  The ego is insane and unreal.  The mind of man created the ego, not God.  God is all love and joy.  Any pain man experiences is because he does not see himself whole.  By directing your attention inwards you can gain access to the mind of God.  Your wholeness is your divinity. And when you merge with it the illusion of the ego falls away.