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Monday, May 27, 2013

No Rest Under the Sun

There is no rest under the sun.
There is only toil and darkness.
The shadows linger on the ground-
   my grave empty.
This is the place of decaying things.
The light that does enter fades
   into the west sky.
It permeates my existence.
Is my life of any value to anyone?
Who will remember me when I am
   buried in my grave?

There is no rest under the sun.
My heart longs for you.
I toil day and night searching for you.
I call your name but get no response.
I came into this world to claim your love.
Here I am!
Hungry my soul is to be with you.
This world has torn us apart,
   and only death will offer relief for me.
On the other side I will meet you,
   and never depart from your side again.